Types of Bed Bugs

Bedbugs have become significant pests; as they invade many households. They readily adapt to home environments. One of the factors that have contributed to increase of bedbugs is too much focus on inventions of insecticides that target other pests; ignoring bedbugs. Increased travelling of people and lack of awareness has also led to the spread of bedbugs. The common types of bedbugs are the common bedbugs (Cimex lectularius) and the tropical bedbugs (Cimex hemipterus).

The Common bedbug is widely known as its name suggests. It has been a major disturbance to humans for years. Some years back, people controlled it using sulphur. It preferably feeds on human blood though it also feeds on other blood types. They are flat and oval in structure and are reddish-brown. They do not fly but crawl very fast on floors, ceilings and walls.

Tropical bedbugs are usually found in the tropic regions. They also infest homes as the common bedbugs. They don’t like light and at daytime they hide in cracks.  Their harborages are mainly paper, wood, textiles and plasters. Their feeding time is at night and spends averagely 4 minutes sucking blood from a host, then go back to their hideouts. They can travel a distance of 20feet from where they hide to the hosts. They are flat, oval and reddish brown. Both the adults and the nymphs have adapted mouth parts for sucking the host’s blood.

Diseases Caused By Bedbugs

There has not yet been proof that bedbugs transmit diseases, however their bites are dangerous. Bedbugs’ bites may not be that painful, but they cause the skin to itch and for some, allergic reactions. Moreover, they cause stress and sleepless nights.

How To Check For Infestation

Since they feed on human blood, bedbugs are likely to be found on mattresses and furniture. In a place, they’ve infested, dark spots of their waste can be noted. In some sections, there will be skins of the nymphs. Check for their droplets before sleeping on new beds.  Their faeces are small and dark and leave dark brown marks on bed sheets. If pets are around, inspect their sleeping areas to ensure no signs of bedbugs. The bedbugs produce an odor smelling like coriander. This will often be felt in highly infested areas. Bed bugs are spread when people travel therefore it is cautious to clean up the luggage and suitcases after returning from a journey.

Controlling An Infestation

Heat treatment has been used to control bedbugs in homes. Some special equipment is set to raise temperatures in the infested areas. When this is correctly done, both the nymphs and the adults are killed. Though heat treatment is effective in eliminating bedbugs, it doesn’t prevent bedbugs from coming back. Use encasements to cover mattresses. This will prevent bedbugs from invading the mattress. Use bed bug interceptors. Place them on the legs of the bed. This tool besides reducing the number of bedbugs, also helps in detecting the presence of bedbugs. Insecticides can also be used to treat bedbug’s infestation however; they are highly discouraged since the available insecticides have proved to be ineffective.

Advantage of Having Pest Control done by a Pest Control Company

Qualified technicians will often resort to pesticides as the last option since it is usually not essential.  Most homeowners would unsuitably use pesticides in instances where other methods suit. The experts ensure a rightful pest control procedure with less use of insecticides and toxins. Hiring experts in pest control saves money. A lot of funds are lost in a bid to eliminate pests with pesticides in cases where the pests might have developed a resistance to the pesticides. The technicians will not eliminate pests but also educate homeowners on better preventive measures.

Homeowners will experience less itching if they hire an expert. Most of the pests cause itching through their bites. Therefore having the situation handled by an expert will reduce the instances of being bitten. The home structures will be safe if pest control measures are performed by a pest control company. The pests will chew building structures and only the trained personnel will end this situation as fast as possible.

Homeowners are in a better position of learning the behavioral characteristics of pests as well as their hiding places from a pest control company. They’ll offer these educational tips at the same time clearing pests from the home. A local pest control company performs thorough work of pest control that will leave homeowners at ease; they’ll no longer have to worry about the creepy creatures.

Feeding Habits of Bedbugs

Bedbugs suck blood from warm-blooded animals. They have a host from which they feed on. They’ll feed at night when someone is sleeping while during the day they hide in dark structures. On the human body, they’ll feed on exposed parts like the neck, face and arms.