The hospitality industry is a multi-billion-dollar service industry, with broad category of fields that includes lodging, event planning, theme parks, transportation, cruise line, and additional fields within the tourism industry. Restaurants, Hotels, Amusement parks etc., are hospitality units that consist of multiple groups such as facility maintenance and direct operations.

Need For Pest Control In Hotels:

Visiting hotels for vacation, business, celebrations etc. is a matter of regular act for many people. With the decrease in occupancy rates, providing best customer service is more critical than ever to make guests coming back. Hotel cleanliness plays a vital role in gaining customer loyalty. Visitors tend to gravitate towards hotel options that provide a clean environment. Apart from amenities, quality is the basis for customers when considering hotels. So, getting a pest control done regularly is very much necessary for the business to flourish. Bed bugs, Mosquitoes, Rodents, Flies, Cockroaches spoil the reputation of a hotel and will severely damage customer relation.

Bed bugs: These are becoming a major issue in hotels in many countries. Prompt action is needed so that they do not spread.

Cockroaches: These carry dangerous diseases and can often cause fear and anxiety for hotel guests. They even spread cholera and typhoid.

Flies: These pests are everywhere. Even flies spread cholera and typhoid and are responsible for food poisoning.

Mosquitoes: These are transmitters of dangerous fevers that cause serious illness and sometimes death.

Pests are divided into six categories:

  • Pest    that cause physical damage like woodworm, moth, carpet beetles,mice and rats.
  • Pest    that contaminates food and the environment like cockroaches, flies,      wasps mice and rats.
  • Pests   those are harmless but repulsive to many people like spiders,       silverfish.
  • Pests   which attach food stores, flour beetles bacon beetles.
  • Parasites     that directly attack human being, bedbugs, fleas.
  • Seasonal     nuisances from outside, ants, earwigs.

The main purpose of pest control is to reduce the number of pests, reduce the damage, inconvenience and distress they cause and to eliminate human disease they transmit. Proactive pest control measures are to be taken to maintain cleanliness of the hotels. Hotels are more vulnerable to pest threats due to multiple entry points thus damaging the reputation. A multiple and divert pest control requirements are needed for hotels because they have different wings such as housekeeping, restaurant, bar area and the hotel maintenance department. In addition, the visibility of pest infestations is pretty high and requires constant attention in hotels as the guests stay and live in the hotel.

Why to Hire Us:

We quickly identify the pest problems and treat them. We always provide customized, comprehensive food service and restaurant pest control to our customers. We provide control of pests in food storage, prep and service environments. The effective pest management solutions we offer are highly appreciated. Technicians, here, will help to implement a pest control plan that will not compromise the quality of the services or the health standards that are best maintained at the Hotels. The services that we provide are handled by trained and certified technicians who give most appropriate level of protection and our services are always backed up by site surveys to address any risk at the unit.

Our experienced technicians know are aware of food service regulations and local health codes. The structural and sanitation threats in your restaurants are correctly identified and the pest risk is controlled. Our proactive prevention and monitoring strategies keep new pest infestations at bay so your local health and other regulatory requirements are met with confidence.Technicians, here, will help to implement a pest control plan that will not compromise the safety and effectiveness of the customized restaurant and food services offered by Hotels to its valuable customers.

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