Information Technology is a huge driver of growth for almost all the Industries and Businesses in the world. It includes all aspects of managing and processing information such as IT services and Business Process Outsourcing.  It is increasingly important to have a strong IT system in order to remain relevant to the clients and customers. The external environment in IT Companies impacts the success and approach of its operations. Pests like rodents, lizards, cockroaches, mosquitoes and flies take equal share in polluting the work environment.

Need For Pest Control in IT Industry:

IT industry is growing rapidly and the requirement to prevent server downtime and data loss due to pest infestation is also increasing. Optimal working environment is essential for top-level professional performance. To keep systems running and updated controlling pest infestation is essential. The IT industry is facing problems because of the following pests.

Rodents: Rodents invade buildings. They easily dwell in colonies in tubes and holes.Their teeth are sharp allowing them to cut through cables causing disturbances in work atmosphere. Rodents can also chew on wires which may cause fire to start.

Cockroaches: These are attracted to warm and moist environments and are an unhealthy threat to everyday life. Cockroaches are great survivors and they gain entry through drainage and cracks in the walls. These contaminate foodstuffs and water which leads to serious health issues.

Mosquitoes: Mosquitoes breed in stagnant water and are vectors of numerous diseases including yellow fever, malaria, dengue fever etc.

Tips to Prevent Pests:

Consider the following tips to control pests.

  •         Avoid clutter.
  •         Canteens should be kept clean.
  •         Garbage should be under control.
  •         Wires and cables are to be checked regularly.
  •         Use caulk to seal any crevices.
  •         Lawn areas should be cleaned and trimmed regularly.
  •         Check for any pest droppings and inform the management if any.
  •         Schedule building clean-ups and Pest Inspections at regular intervals.

Need For a Professional:

Professional Pest control experts should be hired to identify any pest problem and areas of infestation. Experts will have a specific program and plan for pest control. In order to control pest infestations in professional working environments like IT businesses, methodical inspection techniques and treatment options are required, to identify and eradicate possible harbourage sites for pests. Pest control professionals will have an idea on the lifecycle of pests, so as to judiciously use pesticides and employ other techniques, thereby reducing possible health hazards. Proper inspection and correct treatment are the two main aspects of a proper pest control plan that offers a lasting solution for controlling Pests infestations. Regular inspections and checks are the best proactive pest-proofing measures.


Cleanliness and safety of the working environment adds to the reputation of any business. The main purpose of pest control is to reduce the number of pests, reduce the damage, inconvenience and distress they cause and to eliminate infections they spread. Any half measures will not serve the purpose and on the other hand it may lead to severe health and business issues. Proactive prevention measures and a strong pest management program are essential to prevent pests from building colonies. The problem of Pest infestation and rodents appear to be small but their effect on your business can be enormous.

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