According to the employment data of 178 countries, it is estimated that 4 billion people in the world go to offices for work. In today’s knowledge economy, workplace can be located in a variety of settings including offices, banks, manufacturing facilities or factories, stores, malls, farms, out-of-doors, and in any location where work is performed. No one wants to deal with ants and flies when they are at work. So, work stations are to be kept clean and pest-free to maintain the work environment.

Need for pest control in office:

Employees are greatly disturbed when there is pest infestation in office. Offices are the best places for pest infestations. Pests can damage furniture, electrical wiring, building computers and cables. Pests have the potential to create both illness and financial loss. Keeping these uninvited guests at check is important because a business must sanitary guide lines of the government. There are number of factors that determine the need for pest risk for an office like location of the office (City, urban, rural), Age of the building, construction of the building, size and layout of the office, its surroundings etc. The common pests we find in office are:

Pantry pests: Beetles and moths show up when food is left uncovered. They lay eggs in nuts snacks and in chocolates.

Fruit Flies: These feed on yeast present in fruits and vegetables. We mostly find that when trash can are not emptied for long time.

Cockroaches: They slip under doorways and enter buildings.

Fungus Gnats: These buzz on computer screens. These generally come if there are over watered plants in the premises.

Rats and Mice: They squeeze into holes. They can spoil anything like paper, fabric, plastic etc.

Termites: Termites spoil the furniture. Any mud like tunnel along the foundation of the wall, it is a sign of termite infestation.

How to keep pests Away:

  • Do    not eat or keep food at your work station.
  • Make sure that anything spilled, is cleaned soon.
  • Install         bed repelling devices.
  • Make sure that the trash bin is cleared regularly.
  • Never          over water potted plants.

Why to Hire Us:

Hiring a pest professional is the best way to ensure that your office is pest free. On the first sight of any pest activity, please inform the maintenance department. Don’t ignore as they will build an empire which will be hard to get under control. We first inspect the premises, identify infestation, analyze the possibilities, treat accordingly and provide constant monitoring.

We use integrated pest management (IPM) practices, which are most suitable for units that adhere to strict health and sanitation standards on their premises. IPM method provides greater flexibility to choose low impact pest control tactics. The effective pest management solutions we offer are highly appreciated. Technicians, here, will help to implement a pest control plan that will not compromise the safety and health of the employees in that premises. We aim at controlling the pest in the safest possible way.

As our technicians have fairly extensive knowledge of the controlling methods, provide the best service. Our pest control technicians carefully survey the risk level and suggest an appropriate best prevention service according to individual requirement. In-depth experience and expertise is required to arrange bait stations. We inspect manage and monitor your pest problems. These unwanted critters not only leave toxic messes but sometimes create irrecoverable loss. We are intimately familiar with all the species if pests and their living habits. We focus is on finding the best treatment for a pest problem, rather than the easiest. OUR MOTTO IS PREVENTION AND PRECAUTION.

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